Academy Bus Route

Make sure your child arrives at the Academy on time by catching the Academy bus. The bus route covers all of our catchment area and costs 50p per journey. The service is operated by Bright Bus.

Morning Route

7:30am Outwood Academy City, Stradbroke Road
7:32am Richmond Road
7:35am Hastiler Road South
7:37am Castlebeck Drive
7:40am Woodrove Avenue
7:43am Ulley Road/ Kilvington Road
7:46am Woodhouse Road
7:50am Mansfield Road to Manor Top (ring road shops up from the old fire station)
7:55am Mansfield Road (Ball Inn)
7:57am Mansfield Road (opposite Intake School)
7:59am Mansfield Road (Co-Op/Noah’s Ark)
8:02am Birley Moor Road (opposite Steelers)
Linley Lane (no stops available)
8:05am Normanton Springs Road
8:10am Coisley Hill
8:12am Sheffield Road (Woodhouse West End)
8:14am Stradbroke Road
8:15am Outwood Academy City, Stradbroke Road

Afternoon Route

2:45pm Outwood Academy City, Stradbroke Road
2:47pm Woodhouse, Sheffield Road/The Angel
2:48pm Woodhouse, Sheffield Road/Woodhouse West End Club
2:50pm Normanton Spring, Normanton Spring Road/Linley Lane
2:55pm Intake, Mansfield Road/Noah’s Ark
3:01pm Intake, Woodhouse Road/Kilvington Road
3:11pm Intake, Hollybank Road/Ulley Road
3:18pm Woodthorpe, Kilvington Road
3:25pm Woodthorpe, Spinkhill Road/The Springwood
3:32pm Richmond, Ravenscroft Road/Ravenscroft Crescent
3:34pm Richmond, Stradbroke Drive/The Strad
3:35pm Outwood Academy City, Stradbroke Road