Dayle Coe - Vice Principal

I started teaching Chemistry in 1992 at a school in Barnsley and moved to Brighouse High School in 1997. During my 17 years at Brighouse I had responsibility for many key areas in the school, including Head of Chemistry, Head of Year, Advanced Skills Teacher and over the last 5 years Assistant Head Teacher which included inclusion, KS3 raising achievement, alternative personalised programmes, Literacy and numeracy strategies and e-safety/data protection.

From 2014-2016 I was based at Outwood Grange Academy as a Vice Principal which was centred around Deep Leadership which incorporates Performance Management, ITT students, NQT students, Professional Development, Departmental development, Lettings, School careers placements and also Parent, Staff and Student Voice. I also took on Deep Learning last year and introduced collaborative learning across the Academy.

I am very proud and excited to have now joined the successful leadership team at Outwood Academy City as Vice Principal for Deep Learning.